SuperMATRIX Communication Corp. is a privately owned corporation with the operating officers as its principle shareholders. We have over ten years of experience in servicing businesses with communication equipments.

SuperMATRIX's menu of products range from business key systems to PABX systems, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Fax Back, Video Conferencing, Computer System, and CTI from brands like Panasonic, Mitel, InnOvation, NEC, and many other. As offices become more and more automated and larger in size, we will always have the equipment that best suites your business needs.

Our marketing and engineering staff are fully trained and have a strong background in telecommunications, digital design, and computer networking. Our objective is to assist your needs, identify problems, and  recommend ways to improve your business communication. SuperMATRIX's staff will help your business develop a plan that will improve your business's communication from the office, to the field, to your home. We are dedicated to offer ing you the best in communications equipment. 

SuperMATRIX's service coverage is very responsive and extend to broad base of businesses, hotel/motel,  hospitals, and commercial customers. Our utmost  priority is to provide immediate response and support to service calls from our customers.

Communications is the key to many business transaction, and we understand that such things should not be a concern of our customers. 

Please give us the opportunity to sit down and discuss SuperMATRIX's services and the needs of your business and allow us to recommend and design a communication plan to bring out the best in your business's communication/network/computer systems and network.